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August 13, 2013
In Alaska's rural villages, many families struggle with the impact of high energy costs --  often times, almost half of a family's income is spent on fuel to power a home. To face this, the Department of Energy's Office of Indian Energy works closely with tribal nations, state government, NGOs and the private sector to help tribes develop the energy resources that exist on tribal lands. 

NANA is an organization that operates in northwest Alaska -- the region pictured in the pastoral landscape above. Through building businesses and using smart development of Alaskan resources, NANA's strategic energy plan involves expanding sources of renewable energy, with the goal of reducing the region's dependence on fossil fuels by 50 percent by the year 2025. <a href="/node/625446" target="_blank">Learn more about the Energy Department's efforts to reduce energy costs in Alaska</a>. | Photo courtesy of NANA, Arend.
Photo of the Week: Alaska's Future in Renewable Energy

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July 3, 2013
Alaska Native Village Energy Development Workshop POSTPONED



The DOE Office of Indian Energy and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Tribal Energy Program regret to inform you that, due to the partial shutdown of the federal government, we had to postpone the Alaska Native Village Energy Development Workshop scheduled for October 21-23.  We apologize for any inconvenience this postponement has created. 

May 7, 2013
Alaska Gateway School District Adopts Combined Heat and Power

Tok School's use of a biomass combined heat and power system is helping the school to save on energy costs.

May 6, 2013
EA-1922: Finding of No Significant Impact

Combined Power and Biomass Heating System, Fort Yukon, Alaska

May 6, 2013
EA-1922: Final Environmental Assessment

Combined Power and Biomass Heating System, Fort Yukon, Alaska

May 3, 2013
The Energy Department is helping Alaska Native communities reduce their energy costs by investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades. | Photo courtesy of Western Community Energy.
Helping Alaska Native Communities Reduce Their Energy Costs

Learn how the Energy Department is helping Alaska Native communities reduce their dependence on oil by focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

April 12, 2013
An LM scientist points to star reindeer lichen on Adak Island, Alaska.
Biological Monitoring at Amchitka Appears to Show Impacts from Fukushima Dai-ichi Incident

The U.S. Department of Energy Office Legacy Management (LM) has a long-term stewardship mission to protect human health and the environment from the legacy of underground nuclear testing conducted at Amchitka Island, Alaska, from 1965 to 1971.

April 10, 2013
Tapping the Power of Alaska’s Rivers

Whitestone Power is working to create electricity from free-flowing rivers in Alaska's harsh climate.

April 10, 2013
Low-Cost Production of Hydrogen and Electricity

Bloom Energy is testing the potential to produce low-cost hydrogen and electricity simultaneously from natural gas.