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Energy Economy

May 10, 2011
An Update on the Department’s Loan Programs

President Obama has made it clear the nation that wins the clean energy race will likely be the nation that leads the global economy. And in just over two years, the Loan Programs Office has become one of our most significant and most effective tools to meet this challenge and promote America’s leadership in clean energy production and manufacturing.

April 26, 2011
Department of Energy Releases Details of Tribal Summit

Event will gather American Indian and Alaska Native Leaders, Obama administration officials, senior Department of Energy officials and members of Congress

April 25, 2011
Senator Debbie Stabenow at the Revitalizing Innovation in Michigan for Clean Energy Manufacturing Workshop
Revitalizing Innovation in Michigan for Clean Energy Manufacturing

To create jobs and win the clean energy race, we need to make sure technologies are invented in America and made in America. Michigan is working hard to do it's share, diversifying manufacturing expertise beyond automobiles to become a leader in clean energy products.

March 29, 2011
National Renewable Energy Laboratory scientists found multiple uses for thin film lithium ion conductors - for batteries and for solar cells. | Photo Courtesy of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
America's Next Top Energy Innovator

"Our goal is simple,” said Secretary Chu, "unleash America’s innovation machine and win the global race for the clean energy jobs of the future."

March 16, 2011
Ener-G-Rotors' 5kW prototype system | courtesy of Ener-G-Rotors
Turning Waste Heat into Power: Ener-G-Rotors and the Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program

If you’ve ever driven by an industrial plant, you’ve probably noticed big white plumes rising from the tops of the facilities. While it might look like smoke or pollution at first glance, most of the time those white plumes are comprised of steam and heat, or what Ener-G-Rotors CEO Michael Newell calls waste heat. Mike and the researchers of Ener-G-Rotors are finding ways to use this escaped steam and turn it into energy.

March 8, 2011
Building a Diverse Workforce From the Next Generation of Leaders

The Minority Educational Institutions Student Partnership Program gives students valuable experience while also helping the Department develop a pipeline of future employment candidates.

March 2, 2011
E. coli for Energy: Ginkgo BioWorks and the Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program

Ginkgo BioWorks, a small business founded by five PhDs from MIT, who are working to re-engineer organisms like E. coli into something else. In this case, they want to use the bacteria to turn carbon dioxide into a liquid transportation fuel.