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July 11, 2014
RES Wisconsin

The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development is hosting RES Wisconsin where attendees can interact with tribal leaders, members of Congress, federal agency representatives, state and local elected officials, and top CEOs on a national platform.

April 17, 2014
CX-012017: Categorical Exclusion Determination

Wood Pellet Boiler Implementation Grant
CX(s) Applied: B5.1, B5.20
Date: 04/17/2014
Location(s): Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Wisconsin
Offices(s): Golden Field Office

January 13, 2014
Before (left) and after photo of historic Wunder Hall, where Milwaukee's Forest County Potawatomi Community completed a major energy upgrade project. The building now serves as the tribe's economic development center. | Courtesy of Forest County Potawatomi Community
Clean Energy Projects Helping Wisconsin Tribe Achieve Sustainability Goals

Several energy efficiency and renewable energy projects are helping the Forest County Potawatomi Community in Milwaukee preserve the environment for future generations.

December 12, 2013
FWP Event Mound - Miamisburg, OH

FWP Event Mound - Miamisburg, OH

November 19, 2013
A combination solid-state laser turret cutter and stamping machine cuts a thin steel plate that will be formed into lighting fixture housing. Wisconsin-based Eaton Corporation is developing a new manufacturing process that streamlines LED fixture designs. | Photo courtesy of Eaton Corporation
Reducing LED Costs Through Innovation

Researchers at Eaton Corporation are creating a manufacturing process that not only streamlines LED fixture designs but also removes unnecessary materials and parts. The new process will enable LED chips to sit directly on heat sinks, resulting in better heat transfer and ultimately increasing efficiency of LEDs.

October 24, 2013
Energy Smart Federal Partnership: Partnering to Provide Technical Assistance, Financial Incentives, and More

Presentation covers technical and financial incentives for the Energy Smart Federal Partnership and is given at the Spring 2011 Federal Utility Partnership Working Group (FUPWG) meeting.

April 15, 2013
EERE Success Story—Exploring Hydrogen Generation from Biomass-Derived Sugar and Sugar Alcohols to Reduce Costs

New aqueous phase reforming process uses liquid feedstocks to produce energy from hydrogen with reduced costs.

April 15, 2013
EERE Success Story—Johnson Controls Develops an Improved Vehicle Battery, Works to Cut Battery Costs in Half

Johnson Controls is working to increase energy density of vehicle batteries while reducing manufacturing costs for lithium-ion battery cells.

April 15, 2013
EERE Success Story—University of Wisconsin-Madison Improves Fuel Efficiency in Advanced Diesel Engines

A university project to improve engine efficiency is being further pursued by engine manufacturers.