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May 23, 2013
Secretary Moniz: What the Natural Gas Boom Means for the Future of Renewables

Yesterday, Secretary Moniz answered employee questions at a town hall forum. Learn what he has to say about impact of the natural gas boom on the future of America's growing clean energy industries.

May 16, 2013
Illustration of a solar water heater.
Heat Transfer Fluids for Solar Water Heating Systems

Choosing the right fluid for your solar water heater is important. Learn more about your options.

May 9, 2013
In this photo, Brookhaven scientist Dmitry Polyansky examines a vial containing a specialized catalyst designed to help convert solar energy into fuel. Producing clean-burning hydrogen fuel from just sunlight and water requires custom-built catalysts for water oxidation -- the part of the water-splitting process that generates oxygen atoms. A tiny amount of the solid catalyst, developed in collaboration with the University of Houston, dissolves and turns the water that lovely shade of blue. | Photo courtesy of Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Photo of the Week: Converting Solar Energy into Fuel

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May 3, 2013
The Energy Department is helping Alaska Native communities reduce their energy costs by investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades. | Photo courtesy of Western Community Energy.
Helping Alaska Native Communities Reduce Their Energy Costs

Learn how the Energy Department is helping Alaska Native communities reduce their dependence on oil by focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

April 24, 2013
The new hybrid solar-natural gas system from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) works through concentrating solar power, which uses a reflecting surface to concentrate the sun's rays like a magnifying glass. In the case of the new system from PNNL, a mirrored parabolic dish directs sunbeams to a central point, where a device absorbs the solar heat to make syngas.| Photo courtesy of PNNL.
A Renewable Boost for Natural Gas

The race to transition to cleaner, greener natural gas power plants is getting a boost from an unlikely source -- solar energy.

April 17, 2013
This Lakewood, Colorado home was built in 1956. Brent and Mo Nelson upgraded the home with multiple solar technologies including; daylighting, passive solar and active solar. They also have an 80 gallon solar hot water heater. | Photo by Dennis Schroeder, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Solar, Wind, Hydropower: Home Renewable Energy Installations

A guide to figuring out if solar, wind or other small renewable energy system is right for you.

April 15, 2013
Concentrated solar panels are getting a power boost. This summer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) will be testing a new concentrated solar power system -- one that can help natural gas power plants reduce their fuel usage by up to 20 percent. PNNL has developed a system that uses a thermochemical conversion device to convert natural gas and sunlight into a more energy-rich fuel called syngas. By installing the pictured device in front of a concentrating solar power dish, power plants can burn less fuel. <a href="" target=_blank">Learn more about concentrated solar energy at PNNL</a>. | Photo courtesy of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
Photo of the Week: Boosting Solar Technology

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April 8, 2013
The California Valley Solar Ranch has a capacity of 250 MW -- enough energy to power the equivalent of every home in San Luis Obispo County. | Photo courtesy of SunPower.
5 Super-Sized Solar Projects Transforming the Clean Energy Landscape

Counting down a few of the game-changing solar projects that are generating clean electricity for American families and businesses.

April 4, 2013
Patrick Yarn Mills, located in Kings Mountain North Carolina, installed a 105-kilowatt rooftop solar system with the help of the Energy Department's State Energy Program. | Photo courtesy of the NC Energy Office.
Spinning with the Sun

Learn how a North Carolina yarn manufacturer is using solar power to reduce its energy costs.