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February 7, 2014
Energy Department Announces Funding to Improve the Resiliency of the Electric Grid

New Advanced Microgrids Will Help Communities Bolster Their Resiliency and Become More Adaptive as the Climate Changes

February 3, 2014
President Obama Welcomes 2013 Fermi Award Winners to the White House

Today, President Obama and the Energy Department honored two exceptional scientists whose research careers earned them the Fermi Award, one of the nation’s highest honors for scientific achievement.

February 3, 2014
MetLife Stadium, the site of yesterday's Super Bowl, features a ring of 1,350 solar panels that can generate 350,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. The number of jobs in the U.S. solar energy industry equates to nearly double the amount of seats in the stadium.  Picture courtesy NRG Solar, LLC
Super Bowl of Energy: Solar Smashes Records

Find out how the Energy Department's SunShot Initiative is helping grow the solar industry through workforce training programs.

January 31, 2014
Shared solar projects allow consumers to take advantage of solar energy’s myriad benefits, even though the system is not located on the consumer’s own rooftop. | Photo courtesy of the Vote Solar Initiative
Shared Solar Projects Powering Households Throughout America

An innovative new model for solar deployment, called shared solar, can help Americans take advantage of solar energy’s many benefits regardless of their housing situation.

January 31, 2014
The Atmosphere to Electrons (A2e) External Merit Review

Notice of External Merit Review Meeting for the Atmosphere to Electrons (A2e) Initiative.

January 29, 2014
During the State of the Union address, President Obama highlighted how the U.S. is a global leader in solar energy. | Photo by Pete Souza, White House.
#YearofAction: Growing the Clean Energy Economy

Highlighting a few of the ways the Energy Department is working to achieve the President's goals by growing the clean energy economy.

January 29, 2014
Energy Secretary Moniz to Present Enrico Fermi Awards

Distinguished Scientists to be Honored for their Leadership and Achievement

January 29, 2014
#SOTU Roundup: Energy Highlights from the 2014 State of the Union

Energy issues featured prominently in President Obama's State of the Union Address. Watch a video of what the President had to say about fuel efficiency, climate change and other topics.

January 29, 2014
EM Finds Success with Fixed-Priced Hybrid Contract Approach Benefitting Taxpayers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – EM plans to complete more fixed-priced procurements in the future, and some may involve a new combination of contracting strategies proven successful at the Hanford site.

January 29, 2014
Former Assistant Secretary Shares Experiences Leading EM: ‘Highlight of My Profession’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an occasional EM Update series, we feature interviews with former EM Assistant Secretaries to reflect on their achievements and challenges in the world’s largest nuclear cleanup and to discuss endeavors in life after EM.