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Xcel Energy (Gas) - Business Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

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Maximum Rebate 

Custom Rebates: up to $400/kW saved and up to $5/Dth saved
Compressed Air, Data Center, Recommissioning and Optimization Studies: up to $25,000; up to 75% of study cost

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Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

New Construction Building Rebates and Energy Design Assistance: free + construction incentives at $400/kW + $0.04/kWh and $5/Dth
Custom: Up to $5 per Dth saved
Efficiency Studies, Recommissioning and Tune Ups: 75% of cost
Furnaces: $100-$250
New Hot-Water Boiler: $3,500/MBTUH (92% Efficient); $800/MBTUH (88% Efficient)
Steam Boiler: $500/MMBTUH
Boiler Tune-ups: 25% of cost; up to $250/boiler every other year
Modular Burner Controls: $1,500-$7,000/burner
O2 Trim Controls: 25% of cost; up to $5,000/control
Outdoor Air Reset Controls: $200/control
Stack Dampers or Traps: 25% of cost, up to $250/unit
Turbulators: 25% of cost, up to $400/unit
Pipe Insulation: $2-$4/ln. ft. inch of pipe
Steam Trap Audit: $15/trap
Steam Trap Repair/Replacement $30/trap
Commercial Water Heaters: $200/100,000 BTUH

Xcel Energy offers Minnesota rebates to commercial customers who make certain energy-efficiency improvements, such as boilers, furnaces, equipment tune-ups, equipment controls and motors. Xcel Energy also offers design assistance. Xcel's Saver's Switch program for commercial customers encourages curtailment of energy usage during peak periods; participating customers have a device installed on their air conditioners, and the utility cycles the system on and off during periods of high energy demand. Customers who participate receive a bill credit during the summer months.

For more information, including equipment qualifications, eligibility and applications, see the program web site.

Other Information 

Steam Boilers: minimum efficiency of 81%