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Xcel Energy (Electric) - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (New Mexico)

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Program Info
New Mexico
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Air Cooled Chillers: $6/ton; plus $1 per FLV+ $0.25 per IPLV 0.1 EER above base
Water Cooled Chillers (Centrifugal): $12/ton; plus $2 per FLV+ $1.50 per IPLV 0.01 kW/ton above base
Water Cooled Chillers (Rotary Screw or Scroll): $12/ton; plus $2 per FLV+ $1.50 per IPLV 0.01 kW/ton above base
DX Units: $50 - $100/ton, plus $4 - $8 per 0.1 EER/SEER above base
Rooftop Unit Economizers: $20/ton
Hotel Room Controller: $75/unit
Package Terminal AC: $50/ton; plus $4 per 0.1 EER above base
Water Source Heat Pump: $50/ton; plus $4 per 0.1 EER above base
VSD's on Chillers: Varies, see program applicatio
Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers: Up to $400/ton
Direct Evaporative Cooling: $100/1,600 CFM
Indirect (Hybrid) Evaporative Cooling: $200/1,600 CFM
T8 Lamps: $1
Delamping T12/T8: $18 - $40/fixture (Retrofit)
T5/T8 Lamps w/ Efficient Ballast: $27 - $42 (Retrofit)
High Pressure Sodium Fixtures: $45 - $68 (Retrofit)
Parking Garage T5/T8 Fixtures w/ Efficient Ballasts: $85 (Retrofit)
High Bay T5/T8 w/ Efficient Ballasts: $60 - $98 (New Construction); $128 - $263 (Retrofit)
Hardwired CFL Fixtures: $15 - $30 (New Construction); $38 - $48 (Retrofit)
Pulse Start Metal Halide Fixtures: $18 - $42 (New Construction); $90 - $180 (Retrofit)
Ceramic Metal Halide Fixtures: $23 - $83 (New Construction); $38 - $150 (Retrofit)
Lighting Controls: $38 - $75 (New Construction)
LED Exit Signs: $38
Interior LED Lamps: $20 - $35
Interior LED Luminaires: $50 - $75 (New Construction); $100 - $125 (Retrofit)
Exterior LED Canopy/Soffit: $150 (New Construction; $250 (Retrofit)
Refrigerated Case LED Lighting: $70/door (New Construction; $100/door (Retrofit)
Small Business Lighting: Slightly modified from Retrofit/New Construction amounts
Custom Lighting: Varies, Contact Xcel
Motors: $220 - $24,000 (Replacement); $60 - $4,500 (New/Restored)
VSD: $600 - $12,000 (varies by HP)
EC Motor: $40 - $70
Constant Speed Motor Controller: $10/HP
Integrated VSD Compressor: $4000 - $4,500
Large Commercial/Industrial Study: Up to 75% of study cost; customer contribution limited to $7,500 with Xcel covering all costs above $30,000
Custom: Up to $400/kW

Xcel Energy offers a variety of incentives to commercial and industrial customers in the New Mexico service territory. Rebates are available for central air conditioning systems, heat pumps, rooftop units, chillers, room controls, lighting measures, lighting controls, pumps, motors, variable speed drives and EC motors. Additionally, custom rebates and in-depth energy studies are available through Xcel Energy's program. Custom rebates are worth up to $400/kW saved and efficiency studies for large commercial and industrial customers can cover up to 75% of the study cost. Combined heat and power projects are also eligible for custom rebates. View the program web site listed above for more information. See the program application forms and select one based upon the purchase date of the equipment. Contact Xcel Energy for more information on this offering.

Other Information 

Chillers: See program application
DX Units: See program application
AC/Heat Pumps: Varies, see program application
Rooftop Unit Economizers: Enthalpy and CO2 control