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Wood Energy Production Credit

Maximum Rebate 

Credit may be claimed for a period of five years

Program Info
Start Date 

12/30/1998 (most recent revision)

Program Type 
Corporate Tax Credit
Rebate Amount 

$5 per ton of processed materials

Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Note: No new credits are being issued, effective July 1, 2013. This entry is for informational purposes only.

The Wood Energy Tax Credit, as effective January 1, 1997, allows individuals or businesses processing Missouri forestry industry residues into fuels an income tax credit of $5.00 per ton of processed material (e.g., wood pellets). A multiplier of 4 applies to charcoal, based on the amount of Missouri forest industry residue required to produce one ton of charcoal. Any amount of credit exceeding the tax due by a company in the year of production may be carried over to a subsequent taxable year, not to exceed four years. A credit earned under this program may also be transferred to third parties for use within this five-year period. To be considered an eligible fuel, forestry industry residues must have undergone some thermal, chemical or mechanical process(es) sufficient to alter the residues into a fuel product. As a result of H.B. 2058 enacted in June 2008, no new credits will be issued after June 30, 2013.

Click [ here] to access Missouri's Wood Energy Tax Credit Application Form.