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Wind Energy Manufacturing Tax Incentive

Savings Category 
Wind (All)
Wind (Small)
Maximum Rebate 

Up to 100% income tax exemption

Program Info
Sector Name 
Arkansas Economic Development Commission
Expiration Date 


Program Type 
Industry Recruitment/Support
Rebate Amount 

Varies, depending on amount invested and other factors

With the passage of HB 2230 (2009) in April 2009, the Arkansas Legislature expanded a tax incentive for manufacturers of windmill blades or components. A full income tax exemption is available for business that meet certain criteria, including locating in the state before December 31, 2007. Businesses that locate in the state after January 1, 2008 are eligible for a partial income tax abatement. Businesses taking advantage of these tax incentives must demonstrate significant investment and job creation in order to receive the tax incentive.

To be eligible for the full income tax exemption, a business must invest at least $150,000,000 and hire 1,000 new employees within six years. To be eligible for the partial income tax abatement, a business must demonstrate investment, job creation, and must pay certain wages. The actual income tax abatement is determined by the extent to which a business meets these criteria. Eligible businesses sign an agreement with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.