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Western Massachusetts Electric - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

Home Energy Assessments: $2,000
Energy Star Homes: $8,000

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Energy Star homes: $350 - $8,000, depending on number of units and efficiency
Home Energy Assessments: 75% of cost, up to $2,000
Central AC/Heat Pump: $150 - $500
Heat Pump Water Heater: $1,000
Pool Pumps: $200
Refrigerator/Freezer: $50
Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling: $50
Room Air Cleaner: $20
Lighting Fixtures: In-store discount

Western Massachusetts Electric (WMECO)

Western Massachusetts Electric (WMECO) and Masssave, a collaboration of Massachusetts municipalities and cooperatives, provides technical assistance and financial incentives to customers who implement energy efficiency upgrades in participating homes. Rebates are available on a variety of equipment including heat pumps, air conditioners, lighting, refrigerators, appliance recycling, pool pumps and room air cleaners. All equipment must meet program efficiency standards in order to be eligible for rebates. Contact WMECO for more information on this program or visit

Other Information 

Room Air Cleaner/Lighting/Refrigerator/Freezer/Computer: Energy Star qualified
Central AC and Heat Pumps: Minimum SEER 14.5, EER 12.0, and HSPF 8.2