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Water Rights (Texas)

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Environmental Regulations
Texas Water Development Board

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulates the water rights for the state of Texas. Water and state water may be appropriated, stored, or diverted in the state of Texas for beneficial uses in reasonable amounts, with certain conditions. The Commission issues permits and regulations for water rights in Texas.

Included in beneficial uses are: agricultural and industrial uses; processes designed to convert materials into forms having greater usability and commercial value, including the development of power by means other than hydroelectric; mining and recovery of minerals; and hydroelectric power.

The Texas Water Bank, including the Texas Water Trust, is managed by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). The Bank facilitates the marketing and transfer of water and water rights through the provision of information describing availability and needs for water in the State.

Section 12 of the Water Code describes permit applications for water use in more detail, and section 13 focuses on water rates and services.