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Water Quality Program, Volume 2 (Alabama)

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Environmental Regulations

This volume of the water quality program mainly deals with Technical Standards, Corrective Action Requirements and Financial Responsibility for Owners and Operators of Underground Storage Tanks. This chapter is promulgated to establish construction, installation, performance, and operating standards for underground storage tanks. Any owner or operator of an underground storage tank system for which a notification has not been provided to the Department as of April 5, 1989, must within 30 days of that date, submit, in a form approved by the Department, a notice of the existence of such tank system to the ADEM.

In order to prevent releases due to structural failure, corrosion, leakage from submersible pumps and dispensers or spills and overfills for as long as the UST system is used to store regulated substances, all owners and operators of new USTs, piping, UST systems and/or dispensers must meet the stated requirements for construction, modification, operation and maintenance of tanks and equipment. Guidelines are provided for release detection methods and record keeping.