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Upper Cumberland EMC - Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Residential Heat Pump: $150 per unit
Commercial Heat Pump: $150 per three tons
Water Heater: $100

Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation

Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (UCEMC), in collaboration with the Tennessee Valley Authority, offers incentives for its customers to purchase and install energy efficient equipment through the Energy Right Program. Rebates are available for energy efficient heat pumps, water heaters and new homes which meet the program standards. A $150 rebate will be given to any customer installing a new heat pump in UCEMC's service area, either residential or commercial. Commercial accounts are eligible for a rebate of $150 for each 3 ton of heat pump. A $100 rebate will be paid to any commercial or residential customer installing an electric water heater in UCEMC's service area. The rebate will be given whether the heat pump or water heater is being installed for the first time or if it is replacing an old unit. The heat pump and water heater rebates will be given as a credit on customers' accounts.

Upper Cumberland EMC also hosts the Energy Efficient Heat Pump Loan Program and the Energy Right New Homes Program. Customers participating in the New Home Program can not receive rebates for water heaters or heat pumps from Upper Cumberland EMC. For more information, consult the program web site or contact UCEMC directly.

Other Information 

Water Heater: Must be electric
Heat Pump: SEER 13 or greater
No heat pump or water heater rebate will be given if the home is taking part in the New Homes Program.