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Unitil (Gas) - Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

Low-Income Residential
Multi-Family Residential
Maximum Rebate 

Home Performance with Energy Star: 50% Utility Rebate up to $4,000
Home Energy Assistance (Low-income residents): $5,000

Program Info
Start Date 


Expiration Date 


New Hampshire
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Natural Gas Warm Air Furnace: $500 or $800
Natural Gas Boiler: $1,000 or $1,500
Combined Heating and Water Heating Unit: $1,200
Indirect Water Heater (attached to boiler): $400
Condensing Water Heater: $500
On-Demand Tankless Water Heater: $500 or $800
Storage Water Heater: $100
Heat Recovery Ventilator: $500
Boiler Reset Controls: $225
Programmable Thermostat: $25

Unitil offers its New Hampshire residential customers a number of programs to encourage more energy efficient homes. The Home Performance with Energy Star Program can help to improve the energy efficiency of qualified homes. Customers with electrically heated homes qualify for a complete home energy audit and receive recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of their home. The program provides rebates up to $4,000 and includes incentives for installing energy savings improvements including:

* Attic and building insulation

* Hot Water Pipe and Tank Insulation

* Air sealing and weather stripping materials

* Water saving devices

* Energy Star CFLs and light fixtures

A Home Heating Index qualifier and application form can be found on the website listed above. In addition, through the Home Performance with Energy Star rebates are available for ENERGY STAR® labeled lighting, refrigerators, clothes washers, and air conditioning units. Rebates are offered on various Energy Star lighting fixtures. Rebate coupons can be downloaded online and are also available at participating New Hampshire retailers. A list of eligible technologies as well as an online rebate form is available on the website provided above. The Home Energy Assistance Program aids low-income customers in improving their home's energy efficiency. Products and services are provided at no cost to customers meeting program income guidelines, regardless of heating fuel type. Products and services of up to $4,000 are available to eligible customers.

Other Information 

Natural Gas Warm Air Furnace: AFUE 95% or greater
Natural Gas Boiler: AFUE 90% of greater
Combined Heating and Water Heating Unit: 90% or greater
Condensing Water Heater: 95% Thermal Efficiency or greater
On-Demand Tankless Water Heater: .82 Energy Factor or greater, with Electronic Ignition
Storage Water Heater: .67 Energy Factor, Energy Star qualified