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Unitil - Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs

Savings Category 
Maximum Rebate 

New Construction: 75% of incremental cost
Retro-fit: 35% of installed cost
Custom: 1 year payback

Program Info
New Hampshire
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Small Business and Multifamily: free technical assessment and % of installed cost for recommended measures
Custom: 35% of cost
Fluorescent Fixtures: $25
Lighting Sensors: $25-$50
LED Traffic Light: $60-$80
Motor Retrofits: $75-$3295
Motor VFDs: $1050-$4400
Air Compressor: $120-$200/HP
New Construction Fluorescent Fixtures: $15
New Construction Lighting Sensors: $25-$50
New Construction EC Motors: $150
New Construction VFD: $800-$1575
New Construction A/C and Heat Pumps: $70-$175/ton
New Construction Chillers: $11-$25/ton + $2-$4/ton performance rebate
New Construction Air Compressors: $45-$140
New Construction High Efficiency Dryer: $5-$7/CFM
New Construction Custom: 75% of incremental cost

Unitil Energy Systems

Unitil offers three different programs for its commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in New Hampshire: the Small Business Energy Efficiency Services Program, the Large Business Retrofit Program, and the Large C&I New Construction Program. The New Construction Rebate Program will provide lower incentives in most cases. Incentives are available for motors, chillers, variable speed drives, HVAC equipment, lighting fixtures, lighting controls and custom measures. All equipment purchased must meet the program requirements stated on the program web site and application forms. Contact Unitil for additional information on this program.

Other Information 

Appliances must be ENERGY STAR rated