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UES - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (Gas Customers)

Maximum Rebate 

UNSG Commercial Energy Solutions program: $8,000/customer/calendar year.
K-12 school districts: $25,000/calendar year.

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Furnaces: $200 - 350
Water Heaters: $200
Boilers: $250/100,000 Btu
Griddles: $300

UniSource Energy Services (UES) offers the Commercial Energy Solutions Program for their non-residential gas customers to install energy efficient equipment. Incentives are provided for qualified equipment installed in a retrofit, major renovation, or new construction project in four categories: furnaces, process boilers, water heaters and high efficiency commercial kitchen griddles. The amount of the rebate varies depending on the equipment size and efficiency; specifications are listed on the program website. In order to qualify, UES recommends that non-residential customers submit a Pre-Notification Application. Equipment is then installed and a Final Application is submitted.

Other Information 

Furnaces: minimum 90 AFUE
Water Heaters: Energy Factor of 0.64 or higher
Boilers: 84.5 AFUE or higher
Griddles: 45% minimum efficiency