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TVA - Energy Right Solutions for Business

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

Prescriptive Measures: $100,000 or 70% of cost per facility per year
Custom Projects: 70% of cost

Program Info
Funding Source 

The Tennessee Valley Authority

Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps: $40/ton
Motors: $10-$300/motor
Commercial Dishwashers: $400-$1500/unit
Refrigerator w/ Glass Door: $60-$100
Ice Machines: $100-$400
Insulated Holding Cabinets: $250-$600
Steam Cookers: $400
Convection Oven: $200
Griddle: $200
Combination Oven: $2000
T8 Replacing T8: $2-$12.50/fixture
T8 Replacing T12: $3-$34/fixture
T5/T8 Replacing HID: $36-$100/fixture
Ceramic/Pulse Start Metal Halide Replacing HID: $13-$30/fixture
Custom Lighting and HVAC: $200/summer peak kW reduced
CFL Replacing Incandescent: $3-$34/fixture
LED Replacing Incandescent: $9-$43/fixture
LED Exit Signs: $20/sign
Lighting Controls: $20/sensor
LED Lightbar for Case Lighting: $35.50-$42.50/fixture
Walk-through Energy Audit: Free
In-depth Energy Audit: Shared Cost
EnergyRight Solutions Custom Program: $0.10/kWh savings or estimated project kWh savings per year

Energy Right Solutions Incentive Processing Center

TVA offers the Energy Right Solutions Program to commercial and industrial facilities. In addition to prescriptive rebates for lighting, motors, HVAC, and kitchen equipment, administrators take a custom baseline of pre-installation demand and compare to post installation measurements to determine the financial incentive amount in kilowatt-hour values. The incentives program is offered along with complimentary energy assessments and reviews to determine potential areas for savings. Customers can work with designers and installers to develop a project plan and complete a participation application form. Participants should receive a pre-installation incentive notification letter before removing any existing equipment.

Other Information 

Fuel switching and new construction projects are not eligible.