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Trico Electric Cooperative - SunWatts Incentive Program

Savings Category 
Solar Water Heat
Maximum Rebate 

PV systems 10 kW or smaller: 30% of the total system cost

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

PV systems 10 kW or smaller: $0.10/watt DC
PV greater than 10 kW up to 1 MW: Performance-Based Incentive (competitive bid process)
Solar water heaters: $0.40 per expected first year kWh savings

Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Through the SunWatts Program, Trico Electric Cooperative offers residential and business customers a rebate for installing photovoltaic (PV) systems and solar water heaters. The up-front rebate for PV systems up to 10 kilowatts (kW) is $0.10 per watt-DC. Systems sized 10.1 kW or greater are eligible for a performance based incentive negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Eligible PV systems may be either grid-tied or off-grid. Trico Electric Cooperative offers net metering to customers with a qualifying system which rolls over excess kWh credits on a monthly basis. Any credits remaining after an annual period will be paid to the customer at the utility's avoided cost rate. Trico Electric Cooperative also provides rebates equal to $0.40 per expected first year of kilowatt-hour savings for OG-300-certified solar water heating systems.

Other Information 

PV: Equipment must meet IEEE 929 standards, UL 1741 standards, and the NEC code; minimum 2-year warranty
Solar water heaters: Must be given an OG-300 rating by the National Solar Rating and Certification Corporation