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Tampa Electric - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

Savings Category 
Maximum Rebate 

Cool Roof: $15,000
Chillers: $175/kW reduction
Lighting: $175/kW reduction
Water Heating: $700

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Energy Audits and CFLs: Free
Insulation (Ceiling): $0.255/sq. ft.
Insulation (Wall): $0.40/sq. ft.
Insulation (Roof): $0.15/sq. ft.
Window Film: $1.25/sq. ft.
Chillers: $0.56 - $1.17/kW reduction
Cool Roof: $0.60/sq. ft.
Duct Repair: $300/upgraded HVAC unit
Motors: $6/HP upgrade
Energy Recovery Ventilation: $1.32 - $2.26/CFM
Air Conditioning ECM Equipment: $180/hp
Refrigeration ECM Equipment: $125/hp
HVAC Maintenance: $25/ton
Lighting: $0.175/W reduction
LED Exit Sign: $25/unit
Lighting Occupancy Sensors: $25/unit
Refrigeration Anti-Condensate Heat Strip: $0.65/ln. ft.
Water Heater: $0.01166/Btu
Direct Expansion A/C: $50/ton
Package Terminal A/C: $37/ton

Tampa Electric

Tampa Electric offers a variety of incentives for commercial and industrial customers to increase the efficiency of eligible facilities. Tampa Electric also offers a free energy audit to non-residential customers to help businesses to use energy more efficiently. Rebates are offered for energy efficient chillers, lighting, lighting occupancy sensors, air conditioners, duct inspections/repair, solar window film, ceiling and wall insulation upgrades, motors, refrigeration equipment and heat pump water heaters. All equipment must meet specific energy efficiency standards listed on the program web site. Interested customers should see the program web site for rebate applications and additional program details.

Other Information 

Chillers: varies by size and type, details listed on program web site
Direct Expansion Air Conditioners: 10.5 EER minimum (varies by size)
Package Terminal Air Conditioners: 11.5 EER minimum
Heat Pump Water Heater: must be electric and meet ARI and ASHRAE standards, have a minimum coefficient of performance of 3.0 and be based on 120 degree (or greater) leaving water temperature