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SystemVision Energy Guarantee Program

Local Government
Program Info
North Carolina
Program Type 
State Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

$4,000 for each home developed through the New Homes Loan Pool or the Self-Help Loan Pool following SystemVision guidelines
$1,000 bonus for homes certified under NC HealthyBuilt Homes or similar certification program

North Carolina Housing Finance Agency

The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency encourages the construction of energy efficient affordable housing through their SystemVision Energy Guarantee Program. The Agency will provide a construction subsidy of $4,000 to nonprofits and local governments for each home they develop through the [ New Homes Loan Pool] or the [ Self-Help Loan Pool] following [ SystemVision] guidelines. The guidelines, developed by Advanced Energy, include specific energy efficiency standards such as smart mechanical ventilation systems that control indoor air quality and humidity levels. Nonprofits and local governments can also earn an additional $1,000 for each home they develop which meets SystemVision standards ''and'' is certified by the [ HealthyBuilt Homes program], or similar home certification program.