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Super Projects (Arkansas)

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Bond Program
Department of Economic Develoment

A 2004 amendment to the state constitution authorizes the state to attract super projects by issuing bonds to fund a project’s infrastructure, limited to 5% of the net general revenues during the most recent fiscal year. Super projects are defined as ones that create at least 500 new jobs and invest more than $500 million. Examples of the type of projects that might meet the criteria for a super project and have infrastructure needs that would require bond financing could include steel mills, paper mills, corporate headquarters, pharmaceutical companies, automobile parts and assembly plants. Emerging technologies, such as nanotechnology or biotechnology may also have needs that could be met by Amendment 82. The Arkansas Economic Development Commission will perform a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis to determine the level of incentives the state can use to compete for the super project and still obtain a good return on the state's investment.