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Special Assessment for Wind Energy Systems

Investor-Owned Utility
Municipal Utilities
Cooperative Utilities
Savings Category 
Wind (All)
Wind (Small)
Program Info
Sector Name 
West Virginia Division of Energy
West Virginia
Program Type 
Property Tax Incentive
Rebate Amount 

Property tax basis reduced to approximately 25% of assessed value

For the purposes of property tax assessment, utility-owned wind projects are considered to have a value equal to their salvage value, with certain limitations. This incentive effectively lowers the property tax base on utility-owned wind turbines from 100% of fair market value to as little as 24.95% of fair market value.* This results in an effective property tax rate on wind turbines that is 24.95% of the effective tax rate on most other types of newly constructed electricity-generating units.

*The law states that up to 79% of the total property may be assigned salvage value. Salvage value of a pollution control facility, of which a wind turbine is considered for assessment purposes, is 5%. Therefore, if 79% of the property is valued at 5% (salvage value), and the remaining 21% of the property is valued at 100%, the effective value for property tax purposes is 24.95%.