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Special Assessment for Solar Energy Systems

Savings Category 
Solar Water Heat
Solar Space Heat
Solar Photovoltaics
Maximum Rebate 

None specified

Program Info
Sector Name 
Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
Program Type 
Property Tax Incentive
Rebate Amount 


Illinois offers a special assessment of solar energy systems for property tax purposes. When a claim for alternate valuation is filed, the chief county assessment officer is required to ascertain two values: the value of the improvements as if equipped with a conventional heating or cooling system and the value of the improvements as equipped with the solar energy system. The alternate valuation is the lesser of these two values.

Eligible equipment includes both active and passive solar energy systems. The exemption is not valid for equipment that is equally usable in a conventional energy system or for components that serve non-solar energy generating (e.g., structural, aesthetic, insulating, etc.) purposes.

Application for Solar Assessment

Those who wish to have their solar energy property valued in this fashion must file the State of Illinois PTAX-330 property tax form with their local county assessor's office. Forms are available online and through each Illinois county assessor's office.