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Southwest Gas Corporation - Commercial High-Efficiency Equipment Rebate Program

Maximum Rebate 

General: 50% of price
Boiler Steam Trap: 25% of price

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Modulating Burner Control: $10,000
Boiler O2 Trim Control Pad: $10,000
Boiler Steam Trap: $250
Non-condensing Boiler: $1/MBtuh
Condensing Boiler: $1.25/MBtuh
Storage Water Heater: 50% of cost, up to $1,100
Tankless Water Heater: 50% of cost, up to $450
Griddle: 50% of cost, up to $600
Fryer: 50% of cost, up to $1,350
Combination Oven: 50% of cost, up to $1,100
Conveyor Oven: $900
Commercial Dishwasher: $750 - $3,000
Dryer: $30
Air Curtain: $2,100
Custom: $1/therm

Southwest Gas Corporation

Southwest Gas Corporation (SWG) offers rebates to commercial customers in Arizona who purchase energy efficient natural gas equipment. Eligible equipment includes natural gas storage and tankless water heaters, boiler equipment, griddles, fryers, conveyor ovens, combination ovens, air curtains, dryers and custom rebates. All equipment must meet program requirements stated on the rebate application and on the program web site. Rebate forms may be found on the program web site listed above. Customers must include a signed rebate application, SWG gas account number, copy of sales receipt or invoice stating place and date of purchase, brand and model number. Equipment must be installed and functioning to receive rebate. Please visit the web site listed above for other details or contact SWG.

Other Information 

Storage Water Heater: Thermal Efficiency >= 90% and input >= 125k btu
Tankless Water Heater: Must be ENERGY STAR® qualified
Griddle/Steamer/Fryer: Must be ENERGYSTAR® qualified
Combination Oven: Combustion efficiency at least 40%
Conveyor Oven: Cooking Efficiency of at least 42% ; Idle Energy Rate Condensing Boiler: Thermal efficiency > 92%; certified by third party
Non-condensing Boiler: Combustion efficiency of > 85%; must be installed with modulating burner control and O2 trim control pad (on boilers > 10MMBtuh)
Modulating Burner Control: Turndown ratio of > 5:1