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Solid Waste Management (Indiana)

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The state supports the implementation of source reduction, recycling, and other alternative solid waste management practices over incineration and land disposal. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Indiana Solid Waste Management Board are tasked with planning and adopting rules and regulations governing solid waste management practices. Provisions pertaining to landfill management and expansion, permitting, construction, reporting, and transportation practices and fees are discussed in these statutes. Counties are required to establish individual Solid Waste Management Districts or partner with other counties to create such districts, which are authorized to develop solid waste management plans and to plan, design, construct, finance, manage, own, lease, operate, and maintain facilities for solid waste management. Applicants for permits to construct new solid waste disposal or processing facilities must demonstrate the need for such a facility. Active regulations of the Solid Waste Management Board can be found in Title 329 of the Indiana Administrative Code, while pending regulations can be found on the Board's website.