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Solid Waste and Infectious Waste Regulations (Ohio)

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Environmental Regulations
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

This chapter of the law that establishes the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency establishes the rules and regulations regarding solid waste.

The chapter establishes specific regulations for biomass facilities, which includes permitting, siting, operation, safety guidelines, and closing requirements.

Siting regulations include setbacks from waste handling areas for state facilities (1000 feet from jails, schools), requirements for not siting such facilities in floodways, and is not located in a national or state park, or recreation area. Other specific setbacks are as follows:

250 feet from surface water

250 feet from areas designated by the Department of Natural Resources as either a national wildlife refuge or a national scenic river

250 feet from a domicile

250 feet from areas designated by the United States Forest Service as either a special interest area or a research natural area in the Wayne national forest

250 feet from surface waters of the state designated by Ohio EPA as either a state resource water, a coldwater habitat, or an exceptional warmwater habitat.

The Ohio EPA's Division of Materials and Waste Management runs a Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities program to administer the law.