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Solar Equipment Certification

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Equipment Certification
Minnesota law requires that all active solar space-heating and water-heating systems, sold, offered for sale, or installed on residential and commercial buildings in the state meet Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) standards. Specifically, the rule references SRCC's "Operating Guidelines" pertaining to collector certification and system certification: OG-100 and OG-300, respectively. Local building officials may issue permits for the installation of solar water-heating systems and solar space-heating systems after these systems have been certified by the SRCC. The administrative rules specifically state that that the law does not apply to systems designed to produce electric power.

In a related development, Chapter 296-S.F. 3337, enacted in May 2008, required the Minnesota Office of Energy Security (OES) to convene a technical stakeholder work group to develop criteria and characteristics for a Minnesota-based solar rating and certification laboratory similar in nature to the SRCC standards. Consequently, the OES issued a report to the legislature containing a set of recommendations on the development of state solar certification laboratory in January 2009.