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Solar and Wind Equipment Certification

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Solar Water Heat
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Equipment Certification
Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association

Collectors, heat exchangers and storage units of solar energy systems -- and the installation of these systems -- sold or installed in Arizona must have a warranty of at least two years. The remaining components of the system and their installation must have a warranty of at least one year. Solar energy systems are subject to random inspections by the state's registrar of contractors.

With the exception of solar energy systems designed or installed by the final owner, systems sold or installed in Arizona must be installed by licensed solar contractors and must comply with any consumer protection, rating, certification, performance, marking, installation and safety standards adopted by the Arizona Department of Commerce. Furthermore, the installation of a solar energy system must meet the requirements of all applicable fire, safety and building codes; consumer-protection standards, including freeze protection and temperature-related-damage standards adopted by the Arizona Department of Commerce; and all other applicable federal, state and local laws.

The Arizona Solar Center's web site (see above) provides extensive guidelines describing the types of devices and systems that are subject to state certification, ratings and other standards. Devices with specific certification requirements include solar domestic hot water heating (e.g., UBC, UPS, NEC, and SRCC OG-300 certification), photovoltaics (e.g., UL, NEC, IEC standards), daylighting (e.g., ICBO approval, ENERGY STAR for Residential) and wind energy systems (e.g., AWEA 1.1-1985 certification).