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SoCalGas - Multi-Family Residential Rebate Program

Multi-Family Residential
Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Dishwashers: $30
Insulation: 25%
Natural Gas Storage Water Heaters: $30
Tankless Water Heaters: $300
Central Furnaces: $200
Central System Water Heaters: $500
Central System Boilers: $1,500
Central Demand Hot Water Controllers: $700 or $1400

Southern California Gas Company

Southern California Gas Company provides incentives to encourage the owners and managers of multi-family residential buildings to increase their energy efficiency. The program offers rebates for the installation of qualified energy-efficient products in apartment dwelling units and in the common areas of apartment and condominium complexes, and common areas of mobile home parks. Equipment must meet the efficiency standards provided on the web site.Contact Southern California Gas Company for additional information.

Other Information 

Dishwashers: minimum thermal efficiency of 82%
Natural Gas Storage Water Heaters: must have an EF of .62 or greater
Tankless Water Heaters: must have an EF of .82 or greater
Central Natural Gas Furnaces: must be Energy Star; 92% AFUE
Central System Natural Gas Water Heaters: minimum thermal efficiency of 82%
Central System Natural Gas Boilers: must be replacing a furnace that is over 20 years old
Insulation: Attic, minimum of R-30; Wall, minimum of R-13