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Silicon Valley Power - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

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Local Government
Multi-Family Residential
State Government
Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

Maximum Customer Directed New Construction incentive per year: up to 65% of a project's cost, or $500,000 of Public Benefit funds per year
If building meets LEED criteria and exceeds Title 24 energy requirements by at least 10 percent, customer can get a rebate of up to $47,500.

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

New Construction (must exceed Title 24 Standards by at least 10%): $0.15 - $0.45/kWh saved, varies by the extent to which the building exceeds Title 24
LEED Qualification: Up to $47,500
Custom Measures: $0.06 - $0.15/kWh saved
Data Center Measures: $0.02 - $0.08/kwh saved
Central A/C: $80 - $100/ton
Heat Pump: $80 - $100/ton
Commercial Washing Machine: up to $400/unit
Ice Machines: $300 - $500 per unit
Vending Machine Controller: $120
Commercial Refrigerators: $75 - $225
Commercial Freezers: $100 - $500
Insulated Cabinets: $200 - $300
Electric Cooking Appliances: $200 - $1,000
Electric Steam Cooker: $750
ECM Motor for Walk-in Freezer
Lighting: $3.50 - $50/lamp, up to $175 per fixture
Lighting Controls: $15 - $44/sensor
LED Exit Signs: $27
VFD: $50
PC Units Configured: $15

Silicon Valley Power

Silicon Valley Power (SVP) offers a variety rebates to its business customers, capped at a maximum total incentive of $500,000 per customer per year. Rebates are available for the following:

HVAC systems
Commercial Washing Machines
Food Service Equipment
Data Center and PC Measures

In addition, Customer Directed Rebates are available for energy efficiency related projects that decrease electrical usage and may not otherwise fit into the other rebate offers. Rebate application forms, program guidelines, and equipment specifications may be found on the web site listed above. Contact SVP for any other information on this program.

Other Information 

Review the application forms on the program web site for equipment requirements.
Efficient electrical equipment installed in facilities served by the City of Santa Clara’s Silicon Valley Power is eligible for a rebate.
New Construction must exceed TITLE 24 by 10%