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San Isabel Electric Association - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Marathon Water Heaters: $175
Marathon Water Heaters w/ SIEA Load Control Program: $425
Electric Water Heater (minimum 30 gallon): $100
Washers: $80
Dryer w/ Moisture Sensor: $50
Dishwashers: $60
Refrigerators: $90
Freezers: $90
ETS Room Units: $72 - $180
ETS Furnaces: $432 - $768

San Isabel Electric Association

San Isabel Electric Association (SIEA) provides incentives for its residential customers to install energy efficient equipment. Rebates are available for certain water heaters, washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, ETS room units, and ETS furnaces that meet the program requirements. Contact the utility or view the website above for complete details.