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Riverside Public Utilities - Energy Efficiency Technology Grant Program

Savings Category 
Custom/Others pending approval
Maximum Rebate 

Custom Energy Technology Grant:
25% matching of funds required

Energy Innovation Grants:
Fund matching NOT required

Program Info
Sector Name 
Riverside Public Utilities
Program Type 
Grant Program
Rebate Amount 

Custom Energy Technology Grant: 75% of the project cost.
Energy Innovations Grant: 100% of project cost
Feasibility Study: up to $5,000 per year


Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) offers two Energy Technology Grant Programs to help foster the development of innovative solutions to energy problems.  The Custom Energy Technology Grant is available for business customers to fund the research and development of innovative energy technologies that are unique to that particular business or industry's specific manufacturing techniques or processes. These grants can cover as much as 75% of a project's cost, with a maximum of $100,000 per project.  25% of the grant funds issued for a project must be matched by the grantee.  

Another RPU grant program, the Energy Innovations Grant, is available for post-secondary institutions focusing on science and technology advancements in the energy sector. These grants can cover 100% of a project's cost, up to $100,000, and no matching of funds is required.  Proposals for either grant must meet one of the following categories to be eligible for consideration:

  • Building end-use efficiency  
  • Environmentally preferred advanced generation  
  • Renewable generation  
  • Energy-related environmental research  
  • Strategic energy research  
  • Electric transportation

A feasibility study can help determine the effectiveness of the proposed projects, and RPU may provide up to $5,000 per project, per calendar year, to pay for the study. Projects must be initiated within 30 days of the effective date of the agreement. Additional program information, including application and contact information, can be found on the web site listed.