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Residential Solar Water Heating Rebates

Savings Category 
Solar Water Heat
Maximum Rebate 


Program Info
Sector Name 
New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
Funding Source 

New Hampshire Renewable Energy Fund

New Hampshire
Program Type 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

$1,500, $1,700 or $1,900, depending on annual estimated system output

New Hampshire offers rebates for residential solar water-heating systems. The rebate is equal to $1,500 for systems with an annual estimated output of 5.5 MMBTU to 19.9 MMBTU; $1,700 for systems with an annual estimated output of 20 MMBTU to 29.9 MMBTU; and $1,900 for systems with an annual estimated output of 30 MMBTU or more. Rebates will be awarded for eligible projects as long as program funding is available.

The application process consists of two steps. The first step is required for pre-approval and to reserve a rebate, and the second step is the final application for the rebate payment. Systems must be installed by a qualified installer authorized to do business in New Hampshire. Self-installations are allowed, but such installers are encouraged to work with the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative. See the program website for more information.

This program is funded by alternative compliance payments from New Hampshire's renewable portfolio standard (RPS), which are directed into the state's renewable energy fund.