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Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources Tariff RNR-7 (Georgia)

Fuel Distributor
General Public/Consumer
Investor-Owned Utility
Municipal/Public Utility
Retail Supplier
Rural Electric Cooperative
Systems Integrator
Savings Category 
Fuel Cells
Program Info
Program Type 
Green Power Purchasing
Mandatory Utility Green Power Option
Georgia Power Company

The Renewable and Non-Renewable Resource tariff is authorized by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC), which requires that the investor owned utility, Georgia Power Company, purchase renewable energy cumulative to 0.2% of the Company's annual peak demand in the previous year. Georgia Power purchases renewable energy from eligible providers on a first-come, first-serve basis until the cumulative generating capacity of all renewable sources reaches a specific amount set by the Georgia Public Service Commission. The company will pay avoided energy cost as defined by the most recent informational filing made by the company in compliance with the final order in the PURPA Avoided Cost Docket No. 4822. Additional energy may be purchased by the company at a cost agreed to by it and the Provider. Georgia Power will purchase solar energy through the RNR tariff at the company's Solar Avoided Cost rate (filed in Docket No. 16573) as approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission.