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PSNH - Large Business Energy Efficiency Retrofit Rebate Program

Local Government
Savings Category 
Lighting Controls/Sensors
Compressed air
Motor VFDs
Custom/Others pending approval
Other EE
Program Info
Sector Name 
Public Service of New Hampshire
New Hampshire
Program Type 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

T8 Fluorescent Lighting: $25/unit
Lighting Controls: $20 - $50
LED Traffic Lights: $60 - 80/unit
Motors (Open Drip Proof): $75 - $2,110
Motors (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled): $85 - $3,295
Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM): $75
Variable Frequency Drives: $1,050 - $4,400
Compressed Air: $120 - $200/HP
Custom: Lesser of 35% of the total cost or buy down to 1 year pay-back


Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH), in collaboration with nhsaves, encourages large commercial and industrial customers in existing facilities to conserve energy through the Large Business Retrofit Program. The program offers prescriptive and custom rebates for a variety of equipment including lighting systems and controls, motors, variable frequency drives and air compressors. These prescriptive rebates vary widely depending on the equipment type and the size. Each equipment type has stated efficiency levels which must be met in order to qualify. Interested customers should visit the program web site for a full listing of rebate amounts and program requirements. Pre-approval of rebates by PSNH is required prior to the purchase and installation of the energy efficient equipment.

Custom incentives allow for facility-specific efficiency improvements not available through the prescriptive offering. Eligible retrofit projects may qualify for a rebate equal to the lesser of 35% of the total cost or buy down to one-year pay-back. Rebates for new construction and major renovation projects are available through a separate PSNH offering. Contact PSNH or view the program web site for more information on these incentives.