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Progress Energy Florida - SunSense Solar Water Heating with EnergyWise

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Solar Water Heat
Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

$550 credit on electric bill for installation of SWH system; additional $30-60 credits for participating in load control and pool pump programs (EnergyWise)

Residential Customer Service

Progress Energy Florida (PEF) launched the ''Solar Water Heating with EnergyWise Program'' in February 2007 to encourage its residential customers to participate in its load control program and install a solar water heating system. In 2011, Progress Energy expanded its SunSense program to Florida and increased the Solar Water Heating Program rebate amount.
Program incentives are as follows:
* A $550 credit on the customer’s electric bill to offset the purchase of a solar water heating system (for systems installed on March 15, 2011 or after);
* Monthly EnergyWise credits for covered devices (whole-house electric cooling, heating and water heating) of up to $30/year; and
* EnergyWise monthly pool pump credit, if applicable, of $30 per year.
PEF installs EnergyWise equipment in a participating customer’s home (at no cost) that enables the utility to briefly interrupt power to the customer’s hot water system, heating or cooling system, or pool pump during periods of peak demand. Customers then receive a monthly credit on their energy bill for participating in the EnergyWise program and a $550 credit on their electric bill to offset the cost of installing a solar water heating system.

''Solar Water Heating with EnergyWise'' customers are required to have whole-house electric heating, cooling and water heating installed with EnergyWise equipment and participate in the program for a minimum of three years. Otherwise, the customer must reimburse Progress Energy for a portion of the program incentive.

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