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PEPCO - Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Incentives Program

Local Government
Federal Government
Savings Category 
Lighting Controls/Sensors
Heat Pumps
Air conditioners
Combined Heat & Power
Energy Mgmt. Systems/Building Controls
Motor VFDs
Custom/Others pending approval
Other EE
Food Service Equipment
Vending Machine Controls
Commercial Cooking Equipment
LED Lighting
Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
Maximum Rebate 

All Incentives: 50% of the total installed project cost
Custom Incentive Program: 50% of cost, or buydown to 1.5 year payback; must pass TRC test

Program Info
Sector Name 
Potomac Electric Power Co.
Expiration Date 


Program Type 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Lighting controls: $0.28 per kWh saved
Fixtures: up to $250 per unit

Variable Frequency Drives
Standard: $50 per horsepower (HP)
Custom: $0.28/KWh saved

Single Package: $25 per unit
AC Split System: $200 per ton
Air Source Heat Pumps: $200 per ton
Water Source Heat Pumps: $100 per ton
Water Cooled and Evaporative AC: $150 per ton
Geothermal Heat Pumps: $300 per ton
Ductless Split System: $200 per ton
Chillers: up to $24 per ton

Food Equipment
Refrigerators: up to $225 per unit
Freezers: up to $300 per unit
Ice Machine: up to $150 per unit
Ovens: up to $1,000 per unit

Energy Audit
ASHRAE Level 2 Audit: $0.04 per sq ft

Custom incentive: $0.28 per kWh

New Construction/Major Renovation: Technical assistance, design support, and equipment rebates.

Design incentive: $75 per kW
Installation incentive: $275 per kW (for project under 250 kW), and $175 per kW (for projects greater than 250 kW)
Production incentive: 7c/kWh (for 18 months)


PEPCO provides a range of rebates for commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional customers in its service territory in Maryland. The program supports the Maryland EmPower Efficiency Act's goal of 15% reduction in per-capita energy consumption by 2015. 

Prescriptive: Prescriptive measures in existing and new facilities. Rebates help offset the costs of improvements to HVAC, chiller systems, lighting, lighting controls, building energy management systems, commercial cooking equipment, variable frequency drives, and custom measures.

Custom:  Custom measures may be utilized for projects which significantly reduce energy consumption but do not fit the scope of prescribed equipment upgrades. See all program equipment and participation requirements before purchasing and installation equipment.

CHP: The CHP system should be sized solely for on-site energy use by the customer and should not be exporting energy under its normal operational conditions. CHP systems can be fueled by either biogas or natural gas. The system must have designed efficiency of at least 65%. Total incentives are capped at $1.25 million per project. To qualify for the incentive, the project must be operational by December 31, 2017.

Detailed information on each offering can be found on the program web site or in the appropriate DSIRE entry, where full details may be found. Contact Pepco for further information on these incentive offerings.