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Pennyrile RECC - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Heat Pumps (Existing Homes): $50 - $200
Heat Pumps (New Construction): $200 - $400
Electric Water Heater (Existing Homes): $50
Electric Water Heater (New Construction): $50 - $100

Pennyrile Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation

Pennyrile RECC offers residential customers in new and existing homes cash incentives to encourage energy efficiency. For customers in existing homes, Pennyrile RECC will pay a $100 incentive if a new electric heat pump that is at least 13.0 SEER is installed in a home by a participating 'Quality Contractor'. An eligible heat pump that is not installed by a participating contractor can receive a $50 cash rebate. If a participating contractor installs an advanced heat pump or a geothermal system, the customer is eligible for a $200 rebate. Customers may also receive a $50 incentive for installing an electric water heater in existing homes. In addition to this rebate program, Pennyrile RECC offers a loan program for customers to install energy efficient heat pumps.

For customers building new homes, Pennyrile RECC offers an advanced water heater incentive of $100. Customers who install an electric air source heat pump in new homes are eligible for a $200 rebate, and customers who install a geothermal or advanced dual compressor heat pump in new homes can receive $400 per unit.

In addition, the Pennyrile New Home Program encourages customers to build homes that meet energy efficiency standards by providing cash incentives. For more information on the incentive amounts and requirements of the program, contact Pennyrile RECC or visit the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) energyright web site.

Other Information 

Heat Pumps: 13 SEER minimum