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Oklahoma Natural Gas - Residential Efficiency Rebates (Oklahoma)

Program Info
Start Date 


Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

New Homes Builder Rebate: $750
Furnace checkup: $30
Furnace or Boiler $150 - $550
Furnace (Heat Pump Back-up/Electric Conversion): $1950
Water Heater: $50
Tankless/Condensing Water Heater: $250
Clothes Dryer: up to $500

To encourage customers to install high-efficiency natural gas equipment in homes, Oklahoma Natural Gas offers rebates to residential customers and builders for furnace, water heating, or space heating system. Both new construction and retrofit measures are eligible for rebates. Residential customers can also receive incentives up to $1950 for efficient heating equipment and significant rebates for furnace and boiler components. Attached proof of purchase should include the Retailer/Contractor information, quantity, description, manufacturer, model number, and purchase date/price. Contact Oklahoma Natural Gas for more details on this program.

Other Information 

Furnace or Boiler: 92% Efficiency
Tankless/Condensing Water Heater: EF .82
Water Heater: EF .67