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Okanogan County PUD - Sustainable Natural Alternative Power Program

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Performance-Based Incentive
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Varies, 0.037/kWh in July 2011

Okanogan County PUD Conservation Department

Created in October 2004, Okanogan County PUD's Sustainable Natural Alternative Power Program (SNAP) encourages members to install renewable energy systems by offering an incentive payment based on the system's production on a dollar per kilowatt-hour ($/kWh) basis. SNAP producers also net meter and are connected to the utility's electrical distribution system. This program was modeled after the successful Chelan County Public Utility District program in Washington.

The amount paid by the utility to the renewable energy producers depends on the total amount contributed by Okanogan County PUD purchasers through their green pricing program, with a maximum possible payment of $1.00/kWh. In July 2012, the producers were paid 0.037 cents/kWh for their production over the previous year. The production incentive is paid in addition to any net metering credit the producer may receive from the utility. Meters are read and payments issued once a year, usually at the end of June (to tie in with the Washington State Renewable Energy Production Incentive).

“Qualified alternative energy resources" includes electricity produced from generation facilities that are fueled by: (a) wind; or (b) solar energy and other alternative energy resources. Systems up to 100 kilowatts (kW) can participate, but the maximum incentive will be adjusted to that of a 25 kW system.

As of August 22, 2012, Okanogan County PUD's SNAP program had 25 registered producers.