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OGE - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

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Utility Rebate Program
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T5/T8 Lamps (T12 Replacements): $4 - $8/fixture
Fluorescent Fixtures (HID Replacements): $52/watt (400 watt fixture replaced); $102 (750 watt fixture replaced)

Hardwired CFLs (Incandescent Lamp Replacement): $8 - $11/fixture
LED Exit Signs: $5
Lighting Sensors/Controls: $160/kW of reduced peak demand
New Construction Lighting: $160/kW of reduced peak demand
Geothermal Heat Pump: $375/ton
Standard Offer (HVAC, Motors, Compressed Air, Performance Contracting): $250/kW of peak demand reduced

Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OGE) offers lighting, HVAC, motor and other custom rebates to their commercial customers in Arkansas to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities. The lighting rebate program is available to schools and commercial businesses in the OGE Arkansas service territory. OGE will provide a rebate of $2 for each T8 or T5 energy efficient lamp installed.

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