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NW Natural (Gas) - Business Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Fed. Government
Local Government
State Government
Maximum Rebate 

Custom: $1/annual therm saved

Program Info
Funding Source 

Energy Trust of Oregon

Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

HVAC Unit Heater: $1.50/kBtu
Furnace: $3/kBtu/hr
Radiant Heating (Non-Modulating): $6.50/kBtu/hr
Radiant Heating (Modulating): $10/kBtu/hr
Tank Water Heater: 2.50/kBtu/hr
Tankless/Instantaneous Water Heater: $2.00/kBtu/hr
Boiler: $4/kBtu/hr
Boiler Vent Damper: $1,000
Steam Traps: $100/trap
Insulation: $0.30/sq. ft.
Pipe Insulation: $2-$6/ln. ft.
Thermal Curtains: $0.09/sq ft
Clothes Washers: $200
Ozone Clothes Washer: $40/pound
Dish Washer: $200-$500
Cooking Equipment: $150-$1300
Custom: 50% of incremental cost

Energy Trust of Oregon

Energy Trust of Oregon administers energy efficiency rebate programs for both residential and commercial customers of NW Natural in Washington. Energy Trust is awarding the rebates and providing resources and technical assistance to interested customers. To be eligible for the commercial gas rebate program, customers must own an existing building in Washington and the improvements must be related to natural gas. A variety of energy efficiency improvements are eligible for rebates, including, insulation, HVAC units, water heaters, furnaces, boilers, radiant heating and commercial food service and lodging equipment. All equipment must be installed by an Energy Trust contractor or a Washington-licensed contractor. For more information on efficiency requirements and exact rebate amounts, see the program web site listed above.

Other Information 

Appliances must use natural gas. Requirements vary by efficiency measure; a list of equipment efficiency requirements is located on the program web site.