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NV Energy (Northern Nevada Gas) - SureBet Business Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (Nevada)

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State Government
Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

High Efficiency Boilers Input MBH $1.25
Boiler Reset Control Boiler $500
Boiler Tune-up Boiler $300
High Efficiency Furnaces Input MBH $1
Commercial Water Heaters Unit $150
Infrared Heaters Input MBH $1
Condensing Unit Heaters Input MBH $1
Programmable Thermostat Stat $50
Steam Trap Repair/replacement Trap $50
Pipe Wrap-Hot Water or Steam Boiler Linear Foot $4
Domestic Hot Water Pipe Wrap Linear Foot $2
Roof Insulation SF-Roof Area $0.10
Demand Controlled Ventilation SF-Ctrl Area $0.05
Hotel Guest Room Energy Management System (Gas Heat): $35
High-Efficiency Pool Heater Input MBH $1.50
Pool Cover Square Foot $0.50
High-Efficiency Clothes Washer $50
Process Boiler Tune-Up Boiler $400
Domestic Water Heater Tune-Up Boiler $150
Water Heater Systems: $1000 - $1800
Custom Incentive: $0.50/Therm
Cooking Equipment: $125 - $1500

Commercial, industrial and institutional natural gas customers of NV Energy can take advantage of a wide variety of incentives for retrofit projects. Only customers in Northern Nevada (Reno-Sparks Service Territory) are eligible for these natural gas rebates. Customers may view the retrofit application to view all rebate levels.

Prescriptive rebates are available for heating equipment, cooking equipment, energy management systems, water heaters, appliances, steam repairs, unit heaters and equipment controls. Energy saving measures not covered under the prescriptive rebates can receive custom financial rewards worth $0.50 per therm. Interested customers should contact SureBet for more details.

Other Information 

View program web site for full details
Project savings must result in a permanent reduction of electrical energy usage (kWh), and extend for at least 5 years.