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Nitrogen Oxide Emission Statements (Ohio)

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Environmental Regulations
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

This chapter of the law establishes that the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency requires any facility that emits 25 tons or more of NOx and/or 25 tons or more of VOC during the calendar year and is located in a county designated as nonattainment for the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone submit emission statements. Any facility that is located in a county described above is exempt from these requirements. If NOx or VOC is emitted from a facility at or above the reporting threshold, both pollutants must be included in the emissions statement even if one of the pollutants is emitted at a level below the reporting threshold.

The emission statements must include at a minimum the following information: (1) The certifying individual shall certify that the information contained in the statement is accurate to the best of their knowledge and that all estimates and judgments relating to such information have been made in good faith. (2) Estimated actual emissions of NOx and VOC, in tons per year. (3) Any other supporting information.

Exemptions: R&D sources at a facility where the combined potential to emit for all of the R&D sources is less than five tons per year for NOx and less than five tons per year for VOC or where the owner or operator maintains records which demonstrate that the combined actual emissions for all of the R&D sources does not exceed five tons per year for NOx and five tons per year for VOC, are not required to complete the emission statement.