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Net Metering Rules (Arkansas)

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Arkansas Public Service Commission

The Net Metering Rules are promulgated under the authority of the Arkansas Public Service Commission. These rules are created to establish rules for net energy metering and interconnection. These rules are developed pursuant to the Arkansas Renewable Energy Development Act (Arkansas Code Annotated 23-18-603). These rules apply to all electric utilities.

An electric utility shall allow net metering facilities to be interconnected using a standard meter capable of registering the flow of electricity in two (2) directions. Metering equipment shall be installed to both accurately measure the electricity supplied by the electric utility to each net-metering customer and also to accurately measure the electricity generated by each net-metering customer that is feedback to the electric utility over the applicable billing period. If non standard metering equipment is required, the customer is
responsible for the cost differential between the required metering equipment and the utility’s standard metering equipment for the customer’s current rate schedule Accuracy requirements for a meter operating in both forward and reverse registration modes shall be as defined in the Commission’s Special Rules - Electric. A test to determine compliance with this accuracy requirement shall be made by the utility either before or at the time the net metering facility is placed in operation in accordance with these Rules.

Each electric utility shall file, far approval by the Commission, a Standard Interconnection Agreement for Net Metering Facilities (Appendix A), and a Net Metering Tariff in standard tariff format (Appendix B].

Each electric utility shall file in Docket No. 06-1054 by March 15 of each year, a report listing all existing net metering facilities and the generator rating and, where applicable, the power rating of each net metering facility as of the end of the previous calendar year.