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Natural Gas Rules (Alabama)

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Environmental Regulations
Safety and Operational Guidelines

These rules apply to all gas utilities operating in the state of Alabama under the jurisdiction of the Alabama Public Service Commission. The rules state standards for the measurement of gas at higher than standard service pressure. Every utility shall provide and install at its own expense, and shall continue to own, maintain and operate all equipment necessary for the regulation and measurement of gas.

Each utility furnishing metered gas service shall own and maintain the equipment and facilities necessary for accurately testing the various types and sizes of meters used for the measurement of gas. Each utility shall make and record tests of service meters according to the stated guidelines. Each utility shall at all times use every effort to properly warn and protect the public from danger and shall exercise care to reduce the hazards to which employees or customers may be subjected. Each utility shall make prompt investigations of reported gas leaks. All gas utilities shall file with the commission an operating and maintenance plan and an emergency plan.