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The Natural Gas Competition and Regulation Act of 1998 (Georgia)

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The Natural Gas Competition and Deregulation Act's stated intent and purposes are to: promote competition; protect the consumer during and after the transition to competition; maintain and encourage safe and reliable service; deregulate those components of the industry subject to actual competition; continue to regulate those services subject to monopoly power; promote an orderly and expeditious transition of the industry toward fully developed competition; provide for rate-making methods which include the use of straight fixed variable rate design, the recovery of certain stranded costs and the use of alternative forms of rate regulation; and allow gas companies the opportunity to compete effectively in a competitive marketplace. The Act was amended in 2001 so as to provide that a retail customer shall be authorized to change marketers at least once a year without incurring any service charge relating to such change to an alternative marketer; to require the Public Service Commission to have published at least quarterly in newspapers throughout the state a summary of the price per therm and any other amounts charged to retail customers by each marketer operating in this state and any additional information which the commission deems appropriate to assist customers in making decisions regarding choice of a marketer; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.