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MMPA - Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Savings Category 
Clothes Washers
Heat Pumps
Air conditioners
Other EE
LED Lighting
Program Info
Sector Name 
Program Type 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Refrigerator: $25
Freezer: $25
Dishwasher: $25
Clothes Washer: $25
Dehumidifier: $25

Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling: $50
Central A/C Tune-Up: $25
Central Air Conditioner/Air-Source Heat Pump: $300-400
CFL Bulb: $2/bulb or purchase price, whichever is less; max. rebate $100
LED Bulb: 50% of bulb price, up to $10 per bulb
LED Fixture: 50% of fixture price, up to $25 per fixture
Home Energy Audit: $115 - $150, does not exceed price of audit (does not apply to Le Sueur)

Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) serves 12 member communities in Minnesota. The following seven members participate in the MMPA We Save Program: Arlington, Brownton, Buffalo, Le Sueur, North St. Paul, Olivia, and Winthrop. Through these communities, MMPA offers rebates to residential customers for upgrading certain household equipment. Rebates are available for CFL bulbs, LED bulbs and fixtures, air-source heat pumps, central air conditioners, air conditioner tune-ups, dishwashers, clothes washers, refrigerators, freezers, and refrigerator and freezer recycling. All appliances, lighting, air-source heat pumps, and air conditioners must be ENERGY STAR qualified. Customers must include a copy of a dated sales receipt and all other required documentation (see individual rebate applications for details).

The following five Members separately administer individual programs: Anoka, Chaska, East Grand Forks, Elk River, and Shakopee. See the web site listed above and select your utility for more program information, forms, and equipment requirements.