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Louisiana Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Law (Louisiana)

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Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality manages solid waste for the state of Louisiana under the authority of the Solid Waste Management and Resource Recover Law. The Department makes rules and regulations that establish standards governing the storage, collection, processing, recovery and reuse, and disposal of solid waste; implement a management program that will protect the air, groundwater, and surface water, and the environment from pollution from solid wastes. Solid Waste is defined as any garbage, refuse, or sludge from a waste treatment plant, water-supply treatment plant, or air pollution-control facility, and other discarded material, including solid, liquid, semisolid, or contained gaseous material resulting from industrial, commercial, mining, agricultural operations, and from community activities, and construction/demolition debris.

The regulations state that no solid waste can be stored or allowed to be stored in a manner that may cause a nuisance or health hazard or detriment to the environment as determined by the Department. Unless authorized or approved by the Department, no solid waste can be stored at an offsite location unless such off-site location is an authorized transfer station or collection, processing, or disposal facility. Solid wastes may not be stored on-site for greater than one year without approval from the Office of Environmental Compliance. The facility must maintain records indicating the time frame that waste has been stored. The Department must have access to the premises of all facilities used for the management of solid waste.

Hazardous waste or nuclear material regulated under the Louisiana hazardous waste rules and regulations or Louisiana radiation regulations cannot be processed or disposed of at a solid waste facility except in conformance with those regulations. Solid waste cannot be disposed of in such a manner that it enters the waters of the state. Open burning of solid waste is prohibited. Standards, permit regulations and fees are listed for various types of waste disposal facilities.