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Local Option - Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Systems

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Solar Water Heat
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Varies (local option)

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Sales Tax Incentive
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Varies (local option)

Colorado enacted legislation in April 2007 ([ SB 145]) to authorize counties and municipalities to offer property or sales tax rebates or credits to residential and commercial property owners who install renewable energy systems on their property. [ HB 1126] of May 2009 added solar thermal (non-electric) systems to the list of renewable energy equipment eligible for the sales and use tax exemption.

Eligible renewable energy property is defined as "any fixture, product, system, device or interacting group of devices that produce electricity from renewable resources, including, but not limited to, photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, small wind systems, biomass systems, or geothermal systems."

The incentive would be administered at the local level by individual cities and counties. Individuals should contact the city and county where their property is located to find out if a tax rebate or credit will be established in their community.

Web sites for many Colorado cities are available on the Colorado Municipal League web site, [].

Web sites for Colorado counties are available on the Colorado Counties, Inc. web site, [].